The Chesapeake Chapter, CAI is presenting the following 2021 seminars designed specifically to educate and inform board members and homeowners.

All 2021 Homeowner Seminars will be given as Webinars.


2021 Homeowner Seminars:


 - Partnering with your Management Company (7-9 pm)

 - Stay in Your Lane (9:30 am)

The Board of Directors of a Community Association is the epicenter of all community activity. To effectively operate the business of an Association, Board Members must interact with each other as well as owners, committee members, property managers, contractors and other professionals.

Each of these roles has its own responsibilities, and when those responsibilities are not clearly defined it can cause discourse and inefficiency. How can this be avoided? How does a Board handle this?

This "Stay in Your Lane" webinar was a frank discussion on the roles and responsibilities of the Board Directors and how the appropriate interactions between the various groups within the Community Association can help an Association operate more effectively.

Discussions included techniques and best practices to assist the Board Directors "stay in their lane" and ensure they do not overstep their roles or responsibilities. In addition, different tasks that should be completed by the Board Officers and Directors as opposed to committee members and owners was also reviewed. Other topics will include allocation of duties between the Board and the Property Manager and discussion on best practices with contractors/vendors and other professionals retained by the Board.

Speakers included:

  • Christa Brady, Vice-President - USI Insurance
  • Kirk R. Parsons, Vice-President - ETC
  • Mac Staples, SVP - Community Management Corporation
  • Ellen W. Throop, Partner - Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC
  • Kevin A. Kernan, Partner - Whiteford, Taylor, Preston
  • B.K. Swartwood, General Manager - Comsource Management AAMC



Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - How to Make the Best Use of Professional Advisors (7-9 pm)

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - Managing your Community's Reputation (9:30 am)

Do you know the reputation of your community?

The reputation of a community can have a significant impact on the residents of the Association. From working with contractors all the property value, the reputation of your community matters! What can you as homeowners and Board of Directors do to improve your community image and reputation?

This webinar discussed best practices including examples from a CAI Community of the year to help you identify and improve your community's reputation.

Speakers included:

The webinar was moderated by: Don Plank, Vice President - National Cooperative Bank - https://www.ncb.coop/




Thursday, September 30, 2021 - Board Member Best Practices (7-9 pm)

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