Membership Competition

It's back for 2020! Join the Chesapeake Region Chapter in our Annual Membership Contest!

The contest will run from January 1st thru the Annual Expo October 27, 2020.

Winners to be recognized at the Chapter’s Annual Social.

Congratulations to our 2019 1st place winner Legum & Norman & our 2nd place winner Tidewater Property Management! 



  1. Both Management Companies and Business Partners will receive a credit for every Non-Member Homeowner that attends any of the Chapter’s events in 2020 up to and including the Annual Business Symposium & EXPO.
  2. In order for a company to receive credit, the Non-Member Homeowner must provide the Chapter Office with the name of the Management Company or Business Partner that referred them.
  3. Anyone can pay for the Non-Member Homeowner’s registration.
  4. A Non-Member Homeowner may attend multiple events during the year. The sponsoring company will receive credit for each event the Non-Member Homeowner attends.
  5. The first place winner is required to bring six or more non-member Homeowners to a CAI event. The second place winner is required to bring five or more non-member Homeowners to a CAI event.
Membership contest flyer