The Chesapeake Chapter, CAI is presenting the following 2021 seminars designed specifically to educate and inform board members and homeowners.


All 2022 Homeowner Seminars will be given as Webinars (these events are all held virtually on Zoom).


2022 Homeowner Webinars:

 - Financials 101

Board Members, join us to learn how to:

  • Read financial statements
  • Ensure your association is funding reserves
  • Handle budgets
    • Preparing for delinquencies
    • Cash vs. accrual
  • Scheduling and conducting audits
    • Who should conduct the audit?
    • Purpose of the audit
    • What is included in the audit

 - Meeting Management

Board Members must work with their community managers to handle all aspects of meetings from scheduling to running. This webinar will teach board members how to:

  • Organize the agenda, meeting preparation
  • Write motions
  • Ensure the meeting package is prepared and presented
  • Use meeting protocol
  • Select a chair
  • Manage resident participation
  • Approve agendas
  • Time the meeting,
  • Board member preparation
  • Open and executive sessions, minutes, virtual meetings,
  • Use Roberts Rules of Order
  • Adjourn on time