Programming created for managers, homeowners, board members and service providers involved with the community association industry.  The Chesapeake Chapter Breakfast Webinar Programs are designed to provide the tools, resources and contacts to help you manage and work with community association volunteers, managers and business partners.  CAI programs encourage attendees to be proactive, involved and informed. 

Managers receive Continuing Education Credits towards their CAI designations when they attend these breakfast webinars.

2021 Breakfast Events

February 3, Emotional Intelligence (EQ): The Key to Personal and Professional Success

Webinar Synopsis

Professional development programs are designed for subject matter proficiency. We earn certificates and designations, yet none of these mean we will excel. In the real world, our level of emotional intelligence is the primary predictor of success. Most fail to study or teach it. It’s time we did.

Learning Outcomes (by the end of this learning session, participants will be able to):

  1. Gain a basic understanding of the framework of emotional intelligence using the Goleman model.
  2. Learn how to assess emotional intelligence in yourself and your associates (colleagues, employees, fellow association leaders, clients).
  3. Learn how to cultivate emotional intelligence by recognizing what EQ is and where you (or others around you) may have strengths and opportunities.
  4. Understand how development of emotional intelligence is a crucial component of professional education in order to thrive.


Tom Willis has over 30 years of experience serving community associations. He is an experienced speaker and CAI member. Mr. Willis has spoken at numerous CAI events including the Washington Metro Expo and the Virgina Leadership Retreat.


Register here - https://caimdches.glueup.com/event/30795/ - ($20 - Members and $30 - Non-members) to view the webinar and receive continuing education credit (2 hr for managers)

March 10, Legal Roundtable


Join legal experts to learn more about critical topics for Homeowner Associations and Condos. Registrants will attend 3 roundtables from the following topics:

  1. The Fair Housing Act: Familial Status
  2. Short Term Rentals: Prohibit or Allow?
  3. Meetings In the Remote World
  4. Insurance: Liability, Waivers & Indemnification
  5. Negotiating and Enforcement of Contracts in the COVID Environment
  6. The Vexatious Litigant: How to Avoid or Stop Constant Frivolous Litigation From Owners
  7. Enforcement of Association Documents: What is the Hierarchy and Why it is Important
  8. Social Media: Avoiding Association and Director Liability
  9. Employment Issues: How Can Associations Avoid Liability
  10. Understanding the Collection Process: The Critical Importance of Timeframes and Deadlines

Managers will earn 2 hours of continuing education credit!


Register here - https://caimdches.glueup.com/event/breakfast-webinar-legal-roundtable-30300/ - ($20 - Members and $30 - Non-members) to view the webinar and receive continuing education credit (2 hr for managers)

May 19, Insurance Case Study

Insurance is something every community has but might not understand how it works or the process in which to use it. Join us to learn when to file an insurance claim, and HOW to file a claim using a real-world case.

This webinar will answer questions such as:

  • When should your community file a claim?
  • What information will you need?
  • What is the process of filing and what to expect after filing?

Our scheduled panel will include a community manager, insurance agent, insurance adjustor, and a case study will be used to guide the attendees through a real-life example of filing an insurance claim.


September 22, Emergency Planning/Preparedness - Merriweather Lakehouse, Columbia MD

Learn to identify risks to your community both large and small as well and how to put together a Emergency Response Plan for the most likely risks to your Association.

Our panel will also review how to work with local resources, law enforcement, and more when dealing with and preparing for crisis situations.

Scheduled speakers include:

  • Beth Becivenni, Regional Director of Sales, RESCON
  • Jake Gusiew, AMS, Regional Director, FirstService Residential
  • Rebecca Clemson-Petrik, Regional Manager, FirstService Residential
  • Cindy McKoin, Association Board of Directors,President 

Register here: https://caimdches.glueup.com/event/breakfast-seminar-emergency-preparedness-at-your-community-33890/


November 3, Handling Difficult People & Situations, Venue - TBD

More details coming soon!