We help you stay at the top of your game! The most important action you can take to increase your earning potential, accelerate your career, and grow your business in this booming industry is to obtain credentials​ that keep you sharp and competitive. 

CAI's Professional Management Development Program and credentialing program can help you achieve these goals.


Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) 

Recognizes community management firms that meet rigid criteria in the areas of financial management, fidelity insurance coverage, and specialized industry education and training for employees.  To qualify for AAMC status, CAI must receive written verification of satisfactory service from three clients before an applicant company is considered.  Applicants must also agree to abide by CAI’s Professional Manager Code of Ethics.  It is a requirement that the company have a PCAM® member who acts in a supervisory position.

Association Management Specialist (AMS) 

Awarded to managers who have successfully completed the M-100:  The Essentials of Community Association Management and have been involved in the daily operations of community associations for at least two years.

The College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) 

Established by the Community Associations Institute’s Board of Trustees in 1993.  The purpose of The College is to acknowledge CAI member attorneys who have distinguished themselves through contributions to the evolution or practice of community association law and who have committed themselves to high standards of professional and ethical conduct in the practice of community association law.  The College provides a forum for the exchange of information among experienced legal professionals for the purpose of the advancement of the community association field. The following individuals are Chesapeake Region Chapter members who have obtained this designation.

The Community Insurance & Risk Management Specialist - (CIRMS) 

This designation recognizes a demonstrated high level of competency within the risk management profession. CIRMS designees must:

  • Have five years experience in the community association insurance field
  • Be of satisfactory legal and ethical standing in the industry

The Certified Manager of Community Associations - (CMCA) 

Certification program measures the basic knowledge required to manage a community association. Candidates for the certification are required to successfully complete CAI's M-l00 course, "The Fundamentals of Community Association Management" and pass a national examination designed to test fundamental knowledge of community association management. CMCAs are required to abide by a code of ethics and to complete continuing education courses for recertification.  These requirements are similar to those mandated by most state licensure programs.

A professional CMCA has achieved the standards identified and adopted Board of Certification for Community Association Managers. Earning this certification demonstrates to members of the profession, the public, and associations a commitment and interest in providing a high level of quality community association management.  This Certification Program, which is voluntary, provides assurance that the manager demonstrated the knowledge necessary to perform fundamental community association management functions.


Educated Business Partner 

CAI Business Partners are indispensable to the community associations they support with their guidance, products and services. CAI education helps these businesses and professionals differentiate themselves in the competitive community association workplace. 

CAI Educated Business Partner Link: Business-Partners/Pages/default.aspx



Large-Scale Manager (LSM)

The specialist designation is designed to allow PCAM designees to specialize within their profession. CAI acknowledges the unique aspects of bring a large-scale community manager and is providing an opportunity for recognition and continuin education in order for you to expand your career opportunities. 



Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) 

This certification requires successful completion of extensive course work through a series of the Professional Development Programs (PMDP), a two-day case study, successful completion of a thesis, and a minimum of three years of professional community association management experience.

Reserve Specialist (RS)

The only national credential for Community Association reserve study providers. The RS designation is awarded to experienced, qualified professionals who help condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations plan for long time repair and replacement of major components. The prerequisites for the RS designation include the preparation of 50 reserve studies within the last 3 years, a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management, Architecture or Engineering (or equivalent experience and education) and CAI Professional membership in good standing. The RS designees must adhere to CAI's Professional Reserve Specialist Code of Ethics and perform reserve studies according to CAI's new National Reserve Study Standards. A minimum of ten studies per year must be conducted to maintain the designation.