The Chesapeake Chapter membership is comprised of over 1,100 community volunteer leaders, board members, community managers, and professional and service providers.  Our goal is to provide board members and homeowners with the resources and the expertise they need to effectively and efficiently govern their associations.

mapCAI is about relationship-building – putting homeowners and board members together with professionals and specialized service providers to help them enhance and sustain their communities.  When you join CAI, unless specified, you are automatically assigned to a local Chapter according to your zip code.

CAI offers the following membership categories: 

  • Community Association Volunteer Leaders          
  • Managers
  • Management Companies
  • Business Partners
  • National Corporate 
  • Multi-chapter
  • Public Officials Application

Benefits of Membership 

Homeowners & Board Members

Attend educational seminars, workshops, conferences and programs which services over 1,700 homeowners, managers and business partners a year. Education (Free HOA Guides), updated information on laws, ability to communicate with other HOA leaders at the Chapter’s in-person events throughout the year (Homeowner Seminars, Breakfast Seminars & Annual Symposium & Expo).


Work towards national Professional Designation and Certification Programs for Community Association Managers that provide the most comprehensive education programs available and lead to professional designations for community managers and other industry professionals. FREE manager guides and publications through the national CAI website, access to the national CAI Job Market, continued education credits through Chapter seminars, networking with other managers and business partners, ability to work towards additional certifications/credentials.

Business Partners

Our business partner members and sponsors can build a strong network with local connections of the over 400 managements companies and individual managers as well as close to 600 homeowners at Chapter events. Chapter events also provide educational opportunities to earn an educated business partner distinction.

Ability to network within our Chapter











Interested in becoming a member?


Click here to be redirected to the CAI National webpage to renew your membership or to create an account and become a member.